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Self Tan Applicator Mitten
Self Tan Applicator Glove Mitt

Self Tan Applicator Mitt
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Guarantees a streak-free self tan every time. Suitable for use with the entire For All My Eternity self tan range. Watch your tan glide on more easily and evenly than ever before. No more difficult-to-tan areas, our tanning mitt makes it simple. Saves getting self tan on your hands and reduces any mess. Re-useable, simply wash with hot soapy water.

For All My Eternity Self Tan Applicator Mitt / Glove / Mitten

For All My Eternity Self Tanning Mitt makes applying your fake tan product even easier! Using the self tan mitt is the only sure way to guarantee a totally even and streak-free tan. Our re-useable tanning mitt is designed to help the self tan product glide evenly and easily onto your skin, it also saves getting any tanning product onto your hands for the ultimate in tanning convenience.

Use the glove to also make tanning more difficult areas like your feet, ankles, knees and backs of your hands a breeze! Perfect for use with For All My Eternity Tanning Mousse, Lotions and Spray Tan Solutions, our mitt helps your tan go further and last longer. Once you've tried the tanning mitt, you'll never go back to using ordinary gloves!

Please note that the mitt is reusable but is designed to be disposable and will last for approximately 1-2 months depending on your usage style and how gently it's washed.




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