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Buy The Best Pre-Tan Products To Help Prepare Your Skin For Sunless Tanning

To achieve the perfect self tan, you need to prepare your skin prior to applying your sunless tanner. Many people overlook this important part of the sunless tanning process and simply apply the self tan straight onto their skin without any prior preparation. Similar to how one wouldn’t normally apply make up to unwashed or dirty skin, applying self tan to unprepared skin can also end up in poor results. This can easily be avoided with some basic preparation to get your skin into tip-top condition before applying sunless tan.

Exfoliate your skin – use For All My Eternity Sweet Orange and Grapefruit Body Buffer in the shower before tanning. This natural and gritty body scrub will gently remove the dead skin cells from the top layer, revealing a fresh new layer of skin – perfect for tanning.

Why exfoliate prior to sunless tanning?
If you don’t exfoliate, you’ll be tanning the oldest top layer of skin that is constantly renewing itself. Skin naturally sheds and it will take your sunless tan with it, so by exfoliating you are helping to remove that dead skin, meaning you’ll be applying your sunless tan onto a fresh new layer of skin, and this will make your tan last longer. If you exfoliate regularly (every few days) after applying self tan, you’ll ensure your tan will fade more evenly.

Try our Tan Saving Shower Gel to extend the life of your sunless tan
Our unique Tan Saving Shower Gel has already amassed a huge following in a very short space of time thanks to the top reviews it has received by the major beauty press. This self tan loving saviour is a pH-balanced mild skin cleanser perfect for cleansing self tanned skin – it won’t strip natural oils or your sunless tan, unlike many other body washes which are high in pH levels. You go through all the effort of applying self tan, so why not now extend it a little longer with our highly-acclaimed Tan Saving Shower Gel.


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