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Get a flawless self tan every time with the help of our handy sunless tanning applicators. The For All My Eternity Self Tan Applicator Mitt helps with application by smoothing on the sunless tan more evenly than when applied using only your hands or gloves, meaning you’ll get better coverage without any patches or streaks. Our best-selling self tan mitt holds just enough of the self tan in its foam to ensure even distribution over the skin, meaning you’ll apply just the right amount. It also helps your tanning product last longer as you won’t need to apply so much each time.

Top Tip: When you’re done applying product to your body and limbs, use what’s left in the foam to wipe over the harder skinned areas as the last part of your application process (such as ankles, knees, toes, elbows, etc.) – these areas require less self tan as they tend to absorb more product, and can therefore sometimes develop a little darker than the rest of your tan, it’s an age-old tell-tale sign you’re wearing sunless tan. By using what’s left in the mitt (rather than applying more product to the mitt) you’ll get just enough on these areas to let them develop in color subtly, matching the rest of your tan.

Do you struggle applying self tan to your back? Try our top-selling For All My Eternity Self Tan Back Applicator – the simplest way to tan the whole of your back completely unassisted. See why our unique product has become the self tan back applicator to own – visit our back applicator page here.


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