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Fast Tan - Express 60 Minute Tanning Solution
60 Minute Sunless Tan

Fast Tan - 60 Minute Solution
3.4fl oz / 100ml

Express self tan liquid - the new standard in express self tanning. Develops into a natural-looking and long-lasting tan in just 1-2 hours. Perfect if you want natural results fast. This lightweight, non-sticky formulation absorbs quickly into the skin, drying instantly while the wash-off guide color takes the guesswork out of application for the ultimate streak-free finish.

For All My Eternity Fast Tan 60 Minute Express Spray Tanning Solution 3.4fl oz / 100ml

The New Standard in Express Self Tanning - For All My Eternity fast-acting express self tanning liquid gives an instant bronze glow and develops into a beautiful, natural-looking and long-lasting tan from just 60 minutes.

Ideal for busy beauties, that unexpected burst of sunshine or those last-minute nights out, this unique sunless tanning formula includes tan developers, Dihydroxyacetone and Erythrulose, as well as fast-acting tan accelerators to speed up development time.

This lightweight, non-sticky formulation quickly absorbs into the skin, drying instantly while the wash-off guide color helps to take any guesswork out of application for the ultimate streak-free tan every time. Try For All My Eternity Fast Tan today.

Fast Tan Solution Before and After - USA

Get The Natural Look
A natural formula enriched with Certified Organic Aloe Vera as well as Vitamins A and E. For best results, apply Fast Tan to face and body using the For All My Eternity Self Tan Applicator Mitt, rinse off the guide colour after 1-2 hours to reveal a salon-worthy glow. Want a deeper shade? Then simply leave on for longer to allow the tan to develop into a darker shade before rinsing off. As a guide, 1 hour will give you a light tan, 2 hours will give a medium tan, and 3 hours gives a dark tan.

  • Best-selling lightweight, non-sticky and quick-drying tanning formula
  • Developed using a blend of natural and certified organic ingredients including moisturizers, tan enhancers and skin smoothers.
  • Contains a wash-off guide color to help you see where you have applied the product, making application a breeze.
  • For a deeper color, simply allow the tan to develop longer and then rinse off the color guide to reveal your tan.
  • Suitable for all skin tones, and perfect for use both on the face and body
  • Each application lasts up to 7 days and fades evenly, just like a real tan.
  • Perfect for home as well as travel; handy size fits in your handbag and hand luggage for quick weekend trips away.



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